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Early on in his years of counseling hundreds of young adults as a volunteer ecclesiastical leader, Dr. Hollingshead came to the conclusion that more can be done to help individuals escape the trap of pornography than to wait until they need an "addiction recovery" program.  Over a seven year period of research and development, reviewing relevant current medical literature and clinical research, testing each principle dealing with the problem, he developed Freein13.  This program, which when properly followed is successful in freeing the majority of those who use pornography from its trap.


Having had similar experience as an ecclesiastical youth counselor, Craig Broadhead joined Dr. Hollingshead in finishing and publishing the educational materials of the program.  


Freein13 is founded on the principle that pornography use is a spectrum.  There is a gap between early exposure to pornography and addiction that goes largely overlooked.  Until now, there have been few resources to address this gap. Our goal is to preempt a possible progression toward addiction, and provide a step-by-step guide to escape its trap.  Freein13 reveals common misbeliefs surrounding the use of pornography, provides three essential keys to unlock the trap, and empowers parents, participants, loved ones, ecclesiastical leaders, and mentors. 


Our mission is to provide a timely and inexpensive solution to help all those who wish to free themselves, and stay free, from the trap pornography.

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