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Family Kit
  • Family Kit

    $174.99 Regular Price
    $124.99Sale Price

    The Family Kit includes:

    • Freein13 Journal
    • Freein13 Parent Manual
    • Freein13 Mentor Manual
    • Family Kit Description

      Parent's Manual

      The parent manual provides direction and hope to parents helping their child overcome pornography use. This educational guide includes:

      • Understanding how a child is exposed to pornography
      • The process of how someone becomes trapped in a cycle of use
      • Behavior changes needed to free their child
      • Directions on how to support the child in their goals

      Armed with this understanding, the parent can support their chosen Mentor as he/she guides the child through the program.

      Participant Journal

      The Participant Journal provides two pages per day for the participant to record thoughts and complete a checklist of daily activities and metrics such as hours spent on gaming, social media, etc.  

      Mentor's Manual

      A instructional guide for the mentor to lead the participant through the 13 lessons. It provides information on the skills needed to develop a relationship with the participant by building rapport, maintaining accountability, and providing continual encouragement. 

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