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Teen boys, Pornography, and Violence

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Is There a Connection?

Through interactions with parents and ecclesiastical leaders, we know that a large majority of them do not fully understand the true nature of what the pornographic content has become in today’s world. For many fathers and grandfathers, magazines were the source of pornographic images. That changed with the availability of tapes and videos that at first the user had to pay for. Today virtually any type of pornography is free on the internet.

In a story posted Friday, Aug 16, 2019 on the website, writer Jonathon Van Maren examines a study published last month in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which is the official publication of the International Academy of Sex Research.

He writes the following “The paper, titled “The Association Between Exposure to Violent Pornography and Teen Dating Violence in Grade 10 High School Students,” is yet one more piece of evidence that the diet of violent pornography being consumed by the majority of teenagers today is having a profoundly poisonous impact on them. As it turns out, watching women get degraded, abused, assaulted, and tortured is not a good way of creating healthy relationships and respect for women. In fact, the abstract of the study even points out what porn defenders have long denied—that “exposure to pornography in general has been linked with adolescent dating violence and sexual aggression.”

The current study examined the association of violent pornography exposure with different forms of teen dating violence (TDV) using baseline survey data from a sample of Grade 10 high school students who reported being in a dating relationship in the past year (n = 1694).

To summarize: teenage boys exposed to violent pornography are two to three times more likely to victimize girls, primarily through some form of sexual assault. Now consider the fact that boys have a 90% chance of being exposed to pornography before the age of 18, and that the most popular forms of porn feature horrifying violence against women and girls. This study confirms what we’ve already known for years: That teenage use of pornography is directly linked to sexual assault and sexual violence. (I make that distinction because many teenagers are now experimenting with sexually violent behavior that has been mainstreamed by pornography consensually, which is another piece of evidence that indicates how profoundly pornography has begun to change the way we see sexuality and relationships.)”

Ideally every boy would be protected from the possibility of exposure to the scenes of women being degraded, abused, assaulted, and tortured. Unfortunately, the preventative measures used today are unlikely to shield them. For those ensnared there are few answers until they become truly addicted, where they then need professional help with all the expense and time that requires.

We believe our young men deserve better, for themselves and their future wives and children. That is the mission of Freein13, to provide parents, teens, and young adults a proven resource that can help them escape the pornography trap before a habit becomes an addiction.

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